5 Pregnancy Wellness Tips That Helped Me

July 28, 2023


69 shares Share Tweet Pin I always get so many questions on what has helped me throughout my pregnancy, and now that my pregnancy is almost over and Baby Bell will be joining us soon, I thought I would put together everything I have learned in one spot! These 5 pregnancy wellness tips changed the […]


I always get so many questions on what has helped me throughout my pregnancy, and now that my pregnancy is almost over and Baby Bell will be joining us soon, I thought I would put together everything I have learned in one spot! These 5 pregnancy wellness tips changed the game for me throughout my pregnancy and were so helpful in making me feel more comfortable and helping baby grow.

As always, make sure to consult with your doctor as everyone is different!! Just because something worked for me, it might not be best for you. These tips are just 5 things that helped me personally, and I hope can help other mamas to be, too!

Stay Hydrated (but not just with water)

It is so important to get electrolytes in every day and support your body with minerals. This helps with bloating, digestion, water retention, headaches, circulation, energy, and so much more!! Electrolytes consist of sodium, magnesium, chloride, calcium, and potassium.  By the way, there are a lot of misconceptions about sodium…. Sodium in combination with these minerals is a GOOD thing and good for your body’s hydration!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to drink electrolytes:

LMNT or Relyte: These are both clean options with no added sugars! I add one packet with 40 ounces of water or a half packet with 20 ounces. I will usually fill this in my 40-ounce Stanley and drink throughout the day.

Adrenal Cocktails: Adrenal cocktails are like a “turbo boost” drink. They contain all of the minerals that help replenish your adrenals and electrolyte balance.  Your adrenal glands produce hormones that help support your stress, immune system, metabolism, and blood pressure! I try to drink this either mid-morning or mid-afternoon in between meals. I notice when I drink this consistently my energy levels are balanced during the day and I am more hydrated than usual. I do this in combination with drinking my electrolytes.

My adrenal cocktail recipe:

Mix in a glass…

  • ⅔ organic coconut water (no added ingredients)
  • ⅓ pure organic orange juice (no added ingredients and pulp free). If you don’t like OJ, any juice high in vitamin C is good (like pineapple juice)
  • ¼ tsp of salt (I recommend Redmond’s Salt because it contains more minerals and nutrients than most salt brands!)

Drink and Enjoy!!

Elevate Legs for 5-10 Minutes

Elevating my legs morning and night proactively has been a BIG help with circulation in my body!! Blood circulation is so important in pregnancy and can help with swelling. Per my doctor’s recommendation: I will set a pillow under my butt and lay on the ground with my legs elevated against the wall.  I only do this for 5 minutes as laying on your back for long periods of time is not good for pregnancy. As always, talk to your doctor before doing this!

Use Magnesium Supplements, Magnesium Salt Baths, and Magnesium Lotion for Sore Muscles

Replenishing your body with magnesium during pregnancy has so many benefits! Benefits such as:

  • Helps maintain good blood pressure
  • Helps baby build strong teeth and bones
  • Research suggests that it helps prevent preterm labor and other pregnancy complications
  • Helps with muscle cramps
  • Has mood-boosting properties

Here are the links to all of the magnesium products I use:

  • My Magnesium Lotion HERE.
  • Magnesium Salt for baths that I use HERE. Remember, baths should be lukewarm and NEVER hot. Always consult with your doctor first. 
  • My Magnesium Supplement HERE. I have been taking this kit for the past 6 years!

Get Active 15-60 Minutes per Day

Studies show that being active during pregnancy can help reduce pain and even can make labor shorter and recovery faster! The types of workouts are something that will vary by person.  You should never add on more than what you did pre-pregnancy with workouts.  For example, If you ran before pregnancy doctors say that you can absolutely run during pregnancy. If you are not a runner, it is not the best time to start running after you get pregnant. 

As always, talk to your doctor first!!!! Being active doesn’t mean intense workouts. I love going on walks and doing some stretches! I also do light lifting 2-3 times per week with no more than 25 pounds. 

Personally, I have felt so good in the second and third trimesters from being active. I can definitely feel a difference on the days that I am not as active and sitting most of the time. I feel more swollen, my body feels tense and tight, and my energy levels crash.  Make sure to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!! If your body is telling you to rest or to slow down…listen!

Eat Smaller but More Meals Throughout the Day

I had terrible nausea in the first trimester so this doesn’t really count during that time. Haha. I was lucky if I could keep food down! When my nausea went away, I noticed that I feel better on the days where I eat 5ish smaller meals throughout the day vs 2-3 giant meals. I will still eat my usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but now I will eat smaller portions and have nourishing snacks (or small meals) in between those meals. 

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