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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022: Facts and Tips

July 5, 2022



I hope you all had a great July 4th! I cannot believe that we are halfway through summer and the Nordstrom Sale is here! 

If you are new around here each year Nordstrom hosts a BIG sale called the #Nsale.  This is one of my favorite sales of the year and you can get brand new fall items marked down lower than what you will on Black Friday.   Below are some facts and tips about the sale.

What is the Nordstrom Sale?

The Nordstrom Sale is basically a two week sale where Nordstrom marks down brand new Fall items before the Fall season starts.  After the two weeks are up, these items go back to their full, original prices.  What makes this sale unique is that NEW arrivals are put on sale BEFORE the season instead of at the end of the season.  Nordstrom Cardholder’s are able to get early access to this sale a week early.  You can receive points on all purchases and get major rewards throughout the year.  Sign up HERE to become a cardholder and to get early access to this sale.  *A reminder that I never want to pressure anyone into thinking that they NEED to shop this sale or this card! I am speaking to the people who have asked me questions about this sale on Instagram!


July 29, 2022
Sale preview begins!

July 6, 2022
Early Access for Icon status Nordy Club members

July 7, 2022
Early Access for Ambassador status Nordy Club members

July 9, 2022
Early Access for Influencer status Nordy Club members

July 15, 2022 

July 31, 2022
This is the LAST DAY of the sale. On August 1st, everything will go back to it’s original, full price.

Why the Nordstrom Sale worth it?

Basically this is a great time to buy solid, good quality, staple pieces that will take you through the entire year into spring.  I was able to purchase $35 workout leggings that I still love to this day (these leggings were originally $70).  I also love this sale for the SHOES! This is when they release all of the cute Fall boots and booties but hat almost 30-50% off the original price! The boots I purchased from this sale I wore through the entire winter.

Tips for the Sale: 

  • Sometimes they restock items that are sold out! The only catch is that they may restock them AFTER the sale ends. Most items sell out during the first week of the sale where only Card Members can shop.  I DO NOT want to push getting a credit card to anyone that does not have the budget for it.  However, if you do have the budget and want to get some staple pieces for the year, this sale has better sales than Black Friday.  
  • Figure out what you want to buy first.  I usually think about staple pieces first, and then go for the trendy items. My biggest tip is to first shop for shoes, neutral cardigans/jackets, and activewear.  Find pieces that can mix and match with pieces already in your wardrobe.
  • Stay tuned to my blog on updates for the sale and items that have been restocked.
  • You can also stay tuned on my Instagram and my Stories for updates.
  • Shop the sale when it opens! Don’y want until the afternoon or weekends to shop.  It can be crowded.
  • You can pick up at your local Nordstrom if you do not want to wait.  It usually will be ready within a few hours.
  • Nordstrom offers FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURNS.  You are always better safe than sorry purchasing the item before it sells out because you can always return it and buy it without the extra fees.

I can’t wait to share with you all my favorites from this sale! Stay tuned to my stories to shop my favorites from online!

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