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Microneedling Questions and Answers

February 17, 2022

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Last Spring I made the best decision to try out microneedling at Hamilton Plastic Surgery for the first time. I wanted to get rid of discoloration, lines, acne scars, and sun spots. I was doing facials which helped a ton with hydration and making my skin feel brighter but essentially to get down to the core problems of my tissues I needed a “reset”. I was looking into a treatment that wasn’t super invasive and helped my skin restore naturally. That was when my aesthetician recommended microneedling.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling refers to the use of small needles to puncture the skin with the intent to stimulate wound healing. The theory behind microneedling has been around for decades. Over the years, microneedling has become safer and increasingly efficient for patients of all types. Primarily, microneedling is used to attain smooth, healthy-looking skin. (Source: ) It basically resets your skin completely! Microneedling can also be used for stretch marks as well.

Who does my microneedling treatments?

I see Hannah at Hamilton Plastic Surgery! I have been going to them for over a year now and love them! I love how I can trust them!

How many treatments do I need?

You can see results after one treatment but you can get as many treatments as you can. Usually you will see the most results after three treatments. I got three treatments but I honestly saw the biggest difference after my second.

Does Microneedling hurt?

The aesthetician will  apply a numbing gel before treatment which helps with pain. To be completely honest there is some discomfort when they do the treatment on my forehead but it goes so quick! After treatment your skin feels like a faint sunburn for the first 24 hours but nothing painful!

How long does it take?

Treatment takes around 30-40 Minutes (15 minutes of it is waiting for the numbing gel to set)

How much does it cost?

A microneedling full face session is $300 or 4 treatments for $1000 (saving $200)  Dr Hamilton always has specials going on so it is worth checking!

What is post-treatment like?

Your skin will be red for a few days and will feel like a small sunburn for a couple days after treatment. You cannot wear makeup the first day. It is also a good idea to stay away from harsh ingredients in your skincare…do not exfoliate! It is better to go as long as you can without makeup but after one day is good enough. Make sure you stay out of the sun the first few days and wear plenty of sunscreen because your skin is more sensitive. Your skin will be completely back to normal a week after treatment.

How long is your face red?

Your face is the most red the first two days. The first day you are going to want to stay in because you cannot wear makeup and your face is pretty red. After the first day you can cover up the red with makeup so I feel comfortable going out and my skin looks normal.

When do you start to see the initial results?

Each day after treatment your skin gets better and better, but about 7 days after treatment your skin will GLOW. Below are before and afters of my treatment.

blonde girl skincare treatment

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