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Holiday Gift Guides for Men

November 18, 2021

Holiday Gift Guides

Wearing a medium in top, 4 x-long in jeans


The Guy Who Has Everything

“The Guy Who Has Everything” LINKS: 

Nitro Brew Coffe Maker || Freezable Glasses || Hot Sauce Gift Box || Leather Bag || Settlers of Catan Vintage Board|| Game Board lazy susan || Bourbon Coffee || Personalized Bobble Head || Whiskey Making Kit || Lyric Massager || Personal Fire Pit || Beer Foaming Stones

The Outdoorsy Guy

“The Outdoorsy Guy” Links:

Carhartt Beanie || Corkcicle Canteen (25% off with code ASHLEY25) || Backpack || Hiking Smart Wool Socks (15% off with code ASHLEYBELL15) || Hoodie || Map || Pullover || Firepit || Tent || Cooler Backpack (25% off with code ASHLEY25) || Garmin Watch || Hiking Boots

The Sporty Guy

“The Sporty Guy” Links:

Dryfit Polo || Weighted jumprope || Foldable Treadmill || Lyric Massager||Garmin Watch|| Rayconn Active Earbuds  (additional 20% with the code in this link)||Corkcicle Canteen (25% off with code ASHLEY25) || Perfect Pushup || Pull up bar || Joggers || Ab Glider ||Gym bag || Running Belt

The Sentimental Guy

The Techy Guy

The Homebody Guy

The DIY Guy

The Kitchen Guy

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