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How I Shoot + Edit My Photos

August 11, 2019


18 shares Share Tweet Pin What type of camera and lens do I have? Camera: Nikon D750 Lens: Sigma 24 mm F 1.4 Art DG JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. Are all of my photos shot with my Nikon camera? No,  I shoot with my camera whenever […]


TALLBLONDEBELL by Ashley Bell A lifestyle and fashion blog

What type of camera and lens do I have?

Camera: Nikon D750
Lens: Sigma 24 mm F 1.4 Art DG

Are all of my photos shot with my Nikon camera?

No,  I shoot with my camera whenever I can, but I do enjoy posting an iPhone picture whenever I am out and about to post a  more “in the moment” picture.  The left picture is shot with my iPhone and the right is shot with my Nikon.


Who shoots my pictures?

My husband shoots about 90% of them, the rest are shot by friends.  I have only hired a photographer once and it was @kvcphotography during NYFW last year.  Katie was amazing and makes you feel super confident when shooting. The pictures below were shot by Katie during NYFW.

What presets do I use?

My presets originated from the Pastel Pop preset from Josie’s Preset. I now have tweaked it to my own.  *DISCLOSURE: Not every presets work on every person.  I would find a preset used by someone with a similar skin and hair color as you. I am darker complected and have blonde hair so I had to find one that worked based on that. I ALWAYS tweak my photos even after I apply my own preset based on various factors such as lighting, background, distance from camera, etc.

What settings do I shoot with my camera? 

I prefer to shoot darker.  Usually I set my F-stop to 1.4, exposure to a -0.7 and my ISO to 200 and start from there.  This ALWAYS changes depending on lighting but that is where I start with.  I try to keep the ISO as low as possible to keep my photos crisp.  I hardly put my exposure above a zero. I have my camera set to “A” which means automatic shutter speed.  I will set my camera to “M” (Manual) When a photo is too bright or too dark so I can control the shutter speed to make a picture lighter or darker.

Once I edit my photos I then brighten them up by increasing the exposure.  It is easier to add light than to take away light.  I also have noticed that color keeps when you shoot darker.  The minute you overexpose a photo to light you lose the color.

For full body shots I shoot at a lower angle.  For half body or closer shots I like to shoot straight on.  For sitting down shots I shoot at little higher, but not TOO high.

See below for before and afters:

What apps do I use to edit my pictures?

I use Lightroom mobile and desktop to edit all my pictures.  I used to only edit my professional camera pictures on my desktop (due to quality purposes), but ever since my friend Josie introduced me to a SD card adapter I can now upload all of my RAW photos onto my phone and edit the RAW versions on my iPhone.  In short version a RAW file is much better quality that a JPEG file.  All photos shot on your iPhone are JPEG.  This adapter has been a game changer because it keeps my photos in RAW version and now I can edit on the go.  You can shop the adapter HERE.

I also use the Retouch app to take out objects I do not want in pictures.  Sometimes I will have a random person or sign in a picture that I do not want.  It is super easy to use and cleans up your pictures.

The last app I use is the Facetune app.  I only use this to whiten up any “white things” such as sidewalks or buildings in my photos.  I also love using the “details” feature to bring out jewelry or objects that I really want to show off in the picture.  Below is an example of when I used the “whitening feature” to brighten up the sidewalk.

How do I edit my videos on my stories?

I film whatever I want on the video camera on my iPhone and then I edit using the Splice app.


That is it for now.  Leave in the comments below for any other questions you may have. 

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  1. Loved this blog post so much! If you had to choose any other lens what would you get?

    Stephanie | a learning story blog

    • admin says:

      The 35 MM is usually standard. This is great for everyday photos. For scenic photos of landscapes a lot of people use the 50mm

  2. Chelsea says:

    Love your photos! Such a great post!

  3. Maureen says:

    What an informative post! Thank you for sharing your tips. I’d love to learn more about photography as it is an interesting skill set to have. For someone beginning to take their own photos, do you have any recommendation where to start? I have a Nikon camera as well, D3100. I don’t have any special lens. I am not sure I really need one? Thoughts?

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

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