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Blogging Tools and Apps I use Everyday

April 14, 2019


102 shares Share Tweet Pin Ever since I made the decision to be a full time blogger and work from home.  I had to make it  a priority to get my life organized. (Still working on it)  I work 60% through my phone and the other 40% through my computer.  Below are the tools I […]


Tall Blonde Bell - Fashion + Lifestyle by Ashley Bell @tallblondebell.com

Ever since I made the decision to be a full time blogger and work from home.  I had to make it  a priority to get my life organized. (Still working on it)  I work 60% through my phone and the other 40% through my computer.  Below are the tools I use for my blog, for my photos, and for everyday personal use. All of these web tools and apps are just a few of the ones I use everyday.

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WordPress is the website editing platform I use for Tallblondebell.com. If you are not tech savvy and want something more user friendly, I would recommend SquareSpace over WordPress.  Wordpress is more for people who understand code and who are a little more tech savvy. I am NOT a tech person so I had to get a web designer to build my site. I would switch over to Squarespace, but it is quite the process. 


If you are new blogging and are using either WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc. You technically do not “own” your site until you register and pay for a hosting company like BlueHost or Go Daddy, etc.  Wordpress, or any other website creating platform owns your site until you pay  a hosting company (Like Bluehost) to run your site through. If for some reason WordPress shuts down, I will still have access to my site because it is through Bluehost (a hosting company). I still use WordPress to edit my blog, but BlueHost saves and stores my blog info so that it doesn’t get taken away if something were to happen. .  I hope that makes sense.  If you need more information as to why you should get your site hosted, HERE   is an article that explains it more deeply.

Google Analytics:

This is the app I use on my phone and also on my desktop to check any stats for my website. I can track website views, unique page views, clicks, reader demographics, and even “searched terms” for my site.

The RewardStyle App:

The RewardStyle app is the app I use to link all of the outfits for the Liketoknow.it app and allows you to shop my outfits in the app or on my blog.   If you ever ask for a link to a product this is the app I use to convert it to an “affiliate link” so that I can receive credit for any purchases made through my platforms.

The Liketoknow.it App:

This is the app where you can shop my looks.  It is free and once you search and follow me (TALLBLONDEBELL), you can save any items that you see on my feed in your “favorites” folder. You can also search across the whole platform for a specific products.  For example, if you search “floral maxi dress” it will populate any bloggers who have posted a photo in a floral maxi dress that you can shop.



The Nikon App:

With this app I am able to take photo with my Nikon camera through my cell phone.  This app makes my cell phone like a camera remote. If I do not have anyone to take my photos I will use my tripod for my professional camera and use the app on my phone to take the pictures.  You must have the right type of Nikon camera to use the app. Below is the camera I use:

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Lightroom CC: (I have the Photography Plan)

This is the tool I use to edit my photos.  I have both the mobile Lightroom app and desktop version.   If you only shoot iPhone photos and don’t really want to pay a bunch then I would recommend the app over the desktop version.  The desktop version is PERFECT for professional photos that are shot in RAW. I only edit my profession photos on the computer because the mobile app cannot edit RAW photos from a DSLR camera.  (RAW is a higher quality photo over a JPEG). For the APP: I upload the my presets to the Lightroom APp and from there I can adjust the lighting, colors, details, etc. I use “Pastel Pop” from @josiepresets.  I have tweaked it and make my own preset from it based on my skin tone and hair color.


This is the tool I use to make graphics for Pinterest, Instagram Stories, Web graphics, etc.  Canva is the free version of Microsoft Publisher. They have templates for everything. I prefer the computer version more because it is easier to edit, however I use the app on my phone when I am unable to use my computer.  


If you ever have seen other people’s instagram videos have a little “sparkle” to them, they are most likely using the Kira Kira app.  This app adds some pretty fun affects to your videos.

The 8mm App

Just like the Kirakira app, the 8mm app adds some vintage filters to your videos.

Unfold App:

I love using this app for creating story templates.  Whenever I share about a sale or my favorite items, I use this app.

Touch Retouch App:

I only use this app to remove object.  For example, If there is an object or person in a photo that I don’t want in, I am able to take the entire object/person out using the object removal feature in this app.  

Other Apps I Use for Personal Use Everyday


Most commonly known as BBG (Bikini Body Guide).  This is a fitness program on an app that I started a little over a month ago.  Each week you get peronal workouts that are all 28-30 minutes long that target different parts of the body.  I can also track my water intake in this app as well and search for healthy recipes. I personally love HIIT workouts and in this app I am able to set and check off goals each week. It is only $8 per month and totally work the money if you don’t want to pay for a gym membership.

Tabata Stopwatch:

This is the app I use to time my HIIT workouts (interval training) I can set the amount of rounds, the length of each round, and the resting time all in this app.  It will alert me when each round is over and when the next round will begin.


Probably most of you all have heard of Pinterest so I am not going to go into a huge speel of what it is.  But I like to use this app to pin favorite recipes, workout ideas, photo ideas, hair inspo, and my blog posts.  Click HERE to follow me on Pinterest.



I use Spotify for everything! There are playlists for road trips, Sundays, relaxing days at home, working out, and vacays.   The playlist I listen to everyday to workout is my PUMP UP Playlist.  Click HERE to follow/listen to the playlist.


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