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Ten Tips for New Bloggers

December 11, 2018


15 shares Share Tweet Pin Shop My Outfit I am going to be honest with ya, I  typed this post an hour ago so there may be typos and imperfections.  I just get these weird itches to write and next thing I know I am publishing a blog post on my blog haha.    I […]


Winter Fashion Tall Blonde Bell

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I am going to be honest with ya, I  typed this post an hour ago so there may be typos and imperfections.  I just get these weird itches to write and next thing I know I am publishing a blog post on my blog haha.    I have been wanting to write a post that is focused on blogging for quite some time, but it is such a weird topic to talk about.  I started blogging a little over a year ago with a few hundred followers, and this year has been quite a journey.  What started as a hobby has now turned into a full time job, attending NYFW, traveling to Europe for Paris Fashion Week, learning videography, photography, pitching, computer programing, SEO, and now accounting (uhhh taxes haha).  

I never want to feel like I am hiding my words of advice to anyone, but I have always try to make it a priority to make sure I don’t run myself thin by trying to help every person around me (as much as I would love t0).  I would literally be out of my job if that was the case.  However, I do want to make sure that I am giving as much as I can and for any new blogger out there I want to share with you 10 tips for new bloggers or bloggers who are in a rut.

#1: Find out who your audience is

Ask your followers why they follow you on instagram using the question feature. This was SO helpful for me.  What I think it best isn’t always the best and its good to get advice from people who enjoy following you.


This sounds so cliche, but it is probably the #1 reason behind growth.  People want to get to know YOUR story, not the same story as everyone else’s. They want to know everything about your daily life and how YOU do life.  Even it if means what you buy at the grocery store or what book you are currently reading.  Be yourself and to not try to be perfect on your stories.  It is awkward when you first start doing stories of yourself, but you will get used to it.  Heck now I waltz down the Target aisle while doing stories and it doesn’t phase me anymore. 

#3: Have a purpose with your stories.

This leads me on my next topic and I am probably guilty of this at least once a day.  Do not just post a story to just post a story, or post a story to share where you are at.  Ask yourself, what is my audience gaining from this story.   Now girl, you are gonna have those random stories and THAT IS OKAY.  Just keep the balance. 

#4: Post consistently and try to post at the same time everyday. 

I try to pot twice a day Monday-Thursday and once per day on the weekends. I didn’t start posting twice a day until I hit 50K followers.  I cannot give you an answer, but I did notice my engagement was much better after posting twice per day.  It also takes the pressure off of your posts.  I also know that not every post is going to do well. Yes I have days where my reach is down and it STINKS.  BUT I move on and realize that is not what I am here for.  Your value is NOT in your likes and followers.  Trust me, you don’t want to go down that downward emotional spiral.  I get in those funks and they do nothing but make things worse. 

#5: Find a posting time that works for YOU.

This is the hottest topic with the new Instagram algorithm.  I definitely think you should post the same time everyday if you want growth to happen, but I do not agree that there is a time that works for everyone.  I will be with my blogger friends who will post the exact same time and we will all have different outcomes.  For me, I love posting between 8-9PM Monday-Thursday, 7-9AM Monday-Thursday, and anytime during the weekend.  (9PM on Sundays work best).  It all depends on YOUR audience and when they are on.  try times that work for you and experiment.  I am still trying to figure out what the best time is for my second post. 

#6: Engage, engage, engage!

Make sure you are active on Instagram throughout the day.  Make your comment genuine and engage with current AND new accounts (THIS IS KEY!).  If I can, I try to respond back to every comment on each post.

#7 My Take on Giveaways

I would highly recommend staying away from third party giveaways or any sort of giveaway that isn’t with bloggers in your niche.  I like to do giveaways with my friends that are set up organically.  I try to do only 1-2 giveaways per month, but during the holiday season I have done more because it is the time of year.   

#8: I would highly recommend staying away from comment/like groups. 

If you are new to what this is, this basically is a group message of other bloggers and the requirement to be in the group is to engage with each other’s post to help boost your post.  I was in some group when I first started and it became such a chore that I got out of them.  Honestly, if there is one piece of advice I would give to any new blogger is to NEVER join them.  It is so time consuming and I want people to like my photos because they wanted to.  It is not something I am proud of doing, but I want to be 100% really with you all.  Yes, the people in these groups were in my niche (and some I became good  and dear friends with), but when I got out of them my engagement actually went UP and I realized how much of a waste of time it was. 

#9: Invest in a blogging course. 

I get a ton of messages from people asking to want to “pick my brain” and quite honestly I cannot tell you a years worth of research in one sentence.  I am not the expert and in fact there ARE experts out there who do an amazing job.  I have invested hundreds of dollars in courses and it wouldn’t be fair to these amazing people if I took the things they taught me and shared them with everyone for free.  So here are my top resources for courses that helped me go to blogging full time:

  1. Megan McQueen’s (@bloomintobeautiful) instagram, blog, and brand courses. (Email her using the link in her Instagram account to set up an appointment) This is a one on one phone conversation where Megan breaks down and taylors the conversation to your needs.  I love this because it is more personable.  Megan is amazing and has taught amazing bloggers like @loverlygrey and  @livingmybeststyle
  2. Pitch it Perfect by Julie Solomon.  This is definitely more of an investment, but I promise if you are serious and want to make blogging a full time gig, this is the course to take.  This course was just what I needed to help me go full time.  She gives you lifetime access to her resources, pitching template, and facebook support groups.  SHE IS THE BOMB.

#10: Community over competition.

It is a crazy world out there and what I have learned is to never compare and to never feel like there is a limited about of success out there.  Those are all LIES.  I am fully guilty of the comparison game, and it sucks when I have those toxic thoughts go through my head. But I want you to know the importance of celebrating each other’s successes and to be PROUD and THANKFUL for the community you have around you.  If you feel like you don’t have a community, put yourself out there and reach out (even if they are a state away).  I am beyond blessed to have such amazing bloggers in my community.  I was just telling some of them the other day how I love how I can trust them with anything and know that they wouldn’t talk bad about me behind my back. I love how  I can share with them good news and they are genuinely happy for me and vise versa. the same time I don’t expect anything from them.  I don’t expect them to give me everything they have and to be invited to everything they get invited to. It is the most freeing feeling in the world to have such a loyal, loving, supportive community. We are all in this together and always choose community over competition.

There are plenty more things I could share, but these are the top words of advice I would give.  I have only been doing this for a year and have a ton to learn.  I want any new bloggers out there who are just starting out that we all started from nothing, we all have been there, and we STILL have those days where we feel like we suck. haha. What is important is how you react to those thoughts and those days. 

You are all loved so very much!

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  1. Becca says:

    You’re so amazing and inspiring! I can’t believe you grew so much in only a year! 🙌🏼 Love following you & I pray I can make this my full time career one day too! <3

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