July 9, 2018


148 shares Share Tweet Pin Shop My Look   Shop My Look   Shop My Look   Shop My Looks   Can you all believe we are already one week into July?  I hope you all had a great Fourth of July.  This year my family decided to keep it casual and have a pool […]


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#chaseyoursun collection EVEREVE

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#chaseyoursun collection EVEREVE

#chaseyoursun collection EVEREVE

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Can you all believe we are already one week into July?  I hope you all had a great Fourth of July.  This year my family decided to keep it casual and have a pool day with grilling out and fireworks.  There is something about the simple things that make everything better.

If you saw this post on Instagram last week.  I opened up to you all a little about my “play it safe” mentality.  Change is hard for me.  To me honest, I hate it.  I hate the idea of some things never being the same again and the thought of hurting someone and even potentially hurting myself.  Almost 1 year ago I became much more serious about blogging and I consider this time last year when I started blogging.  Making that decision with my husband was very exciting, but I had no idea what was coming.  I remember writing my first post called “Against the Grain” and having no idea what I was doing. However, everything I wrote about in that post is still 100% true to this day.

In addition of having this play it safe mentality, I also have this part of me that doesn’t want to settle, doesn’t want to stay comfortable, and that doesn’t just want to blend in with everyone else around them to feel cool.  I have nor I ever will.  (I am almost 6 feet tall for goodness sake!)  This “never settle” part of me stresses the eyeballs out of the “play it safe” part of me .  You want to know why?  Because I care too much about what others think of me and I am afraid to fail.  I am afraid to fail in my relationships, as a wife, as a friend, as a daughter, as a sister, as a blogger, and even as a Christian.  Thanks to my husband and a lot of prayer, I am consistently being reminded that all of those toxic thoughts if my mind are playing evil tricks.

Why do we constantly base our decisions out of fear?  Why do we let fear rule our thoughts and our actions?

What blogging has taught me this past year is the importance to #chaseyoursun over chasing your fears.

With all this being said, I was very excited when EVEREVE reached about to me about their #chaseyoursun campaign.  This campaign encourages woman from all stages in life that it is never too late or too early to take those leaps of faith and to chase your dreams, regardless of what the societal norm is.  EVEREVE handpicks all of their items from brands you may be familiar with: Free People, Steve Madden, Levi’s, Marc Fisher, Socialite, and more!

What sets them apart from any other boutique is their kind customer service and the personalized styling you get from the people at EVEREVE.  When I went into EVEREVE to shop for the first time I immediately met a woman who was my height which was AWESOME! She knew the exactly brands that would work for my body shape and my style.  Within a few minutes she already had a dressing room for me full of outfit ideas.  She pulled outfits for any type of look: everything from a grocery run outfit, to concert outfit, and even to a date night outfit.  I decided to go for both a casual outfit and a date night outfit.  What I really loved about the outfits I chose is that BOTH looks are using the same casual pocket tee.   I love it when you can find one item with two ways to wear it. 

If you are new to EVEREVE you can find all of their locations HERE or you can shop their online collection HERE.  The stores are very spacious and are very mom friendly.  Most stores have a space with chairs and toys for children to play in.  I also love how spacious the dressing rooms are (perfect for strollers).

I hope this is any encouragement out their to the woman who is thinking about taking a leap of faith and making a change in her life.  If your decision to not do something  is based out of fear, then it is not a good enough reason not to do it.  I have learned so much this past year.  Yes, there were ups and downs and are still very scary things ahead, but I wouldn’t trade back anything I am accomplished this past year for my life before.  I am wishing you all the very best and I encourage you to #chaseyoursun .

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  1. Wow! Just wow girl! I love love love this campaign and I love that you shared all of that about you. No one is perfect and we all have our struggles. I’m not the biggest fan of change either and I have control issues (speaking to the entire woman world on that one lol). What matters is that we recognize it, try to be better, and make strides to our goals like you said!



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