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January 2, 2018


Don’t you ever tired of going through the same new years cycle each year?  We all do it. I’m bringing a new perspective to the table.


What is word of the year?
Don’t you ever tired of going through the same new years cycle each year?  We all do it.  We tell ourselves that we are going to resolve a specific thing, and about 2 weeks to maybe even a month in life gets too busy and that resolution gets pushed aside. According to Healthy Living, only about 8% of us actually keep our resolutions.  (Source: Healthy Living) ) To the 92% of people who don’t keep up with their resolutions, I’m bringing a new perspective to the table.

Instead of setting up resolutions, I choose a word each year to focus on.  In case my picture above didn’t give it away, my word this year is joy.I started this tradition three years ago in a bible study that I still meet with.  I really like the reasoning behind choosing a word. We often don’t follow through with resolutions because it is the cause of a deeper root issue and that root issue usually boils down to a heart issue…a word.  My words for the last three years were present, heart, hope, and this year my word is joy.  I also back each word up with scripture and memorize that verse. I recite this verse during the ups, the downs, and the norms.  

My Word
This year I chose the word joy for various reasons.  I can be a very happy person on the outside, but on the inside I am full of fear, worry, anxiety, and even bitterness.  My pastor at my church recently did a 14ish week series on Gospel Joy and he nailed the definition of joy on the head.  He said that joy is an enduring, non-circumstantial delight. Notice he did not say a current state or emotion or a feeling.  We often, including myself, mix up the words happiness and joy.  Success at work, a new pair of shoes, a stocked fridge, even a good workout can make us happy (temporarily) , but they will never be the source of everlasting joy.  Eventually you will have a bad day at work, your shoes will wear down, your fridge will be empty (or stink with rotten leftovers), and you will feel like you have gained 25 pounds because you didn’t workout for a few days. These sources of “joy” are empty and they are nothing but garbage. I can’t think how many days I was in a bad mood because of one petty little thing didn’t go my way.  This lifestyle is unstable and unsatisfying.  The only source for pure satisfying joy is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I am excited to start this journey of focusing on where I am seeking my joy.  I want to live each day NOT based on the events that have happened and are going to happen in my life, but instead I want my joy to be grounded in what Christ has done for ALL of us on the Cross.  I want not only to have this satisfying joy for myself, but I want to see others experience this same joy too.  Most importantly, I want to glorify God.

How liberating and freeing it is to know that you can choose joy each and every day?  That’s a pretty sweet deal if you’d ask me.  So I am going to end with this, what do you want your word to be this year?  What do you have the most struggle with? Get rid of those hopeless resolutions and instead take on a whole new meaning to this next year.
romans15:13 joy

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You are fearfully and wonderfully made,
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